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It's our goal to create a comfortable environment where you can share your story and leave feeling uplifted.

Sara Bowe

Professional Counselor, LPC

Hello! Clients who get the most out of therapy with me are motivated to feel better. They want to build more insight and feel more in control of unwanted thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Clients report feeling a lack of genuine connection with others. They have higher levels of anxiety and depression then typical but may consider themselves ‘high functioning’. This makes it hard for others to understand that they do not always feel well inside. They may also carry around a lot of guilt, put others before their own needs, and measure their worth by their achievements in life. If any of this description sounds like you, I see you and want you to know you do not always have to feel this way!

Through therapy we can work together to understand the unhelpful and untrue narrative (I’m not enough, I’m unlovable, I’m not worthy) that you have directly been told growing up or internalized to be true based on life experiences. You can experience more intimate and authentic relationships in your life, and work on setting boundaries that you deem appropriate to stay healthy without fearing burdening or losing others because you share your needs.

I also help couples who are looking to strengthen their relationship or overcome challenges or crisis, such as an affair. I believe that as long as the each person is able to engage in healthy behaviors, the relationship can grow in time to be stronger than ever!

I look forward to building a professional relationship with you to help you leave counseling feeling more uplifted than when you started!

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Alex Anderson

Professional Counselor, LPC

Hi everyone! If you’re anything like me, you would rather focus on others than yourself, and you forget to fill your own cup (which we all know, you cannot pour from an empty one). I aim to provide a welcome space where you feel heard, validated, and if nothing else, feel like you have someone in your corner. I would love to meet you and start this journey of healing together!

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Phone: 715-559-9428
4330 Golf Terrace, Suite 202
Eau Claire, WI 54701
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