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Sara Bowe

Licensed Professional Counselor

Although the past is in the past and can’t be changed, it still holds power over our present when left unprocessed. This is especially true for people who grew up in family systems where there was unhealthy caregivers. For some, this could have looked like very clear abuse and neglect. For others, you could have grown up in a family system that cultivated black and white beliefs that you do not agree with today. However, many clients I see also report more subtle behaviors- parents who were emotionally not there for them. I believe that parents generally do the best they can to raise their children but that does not mean that childhood was void of unhealthy loneliness and hurt, causing the now adult children to experience hardship when navigating their own life and relationships.

Adult children of emotionally immature parents talk about frequently feeling lonely in childhood with feelings of emptiness that continue today, even when surrounded by supportive people. Vulnerability and intimacy can feel intimidating in current relationships because it was not encouraged growing up. This causes some to feel like they have to now cope with struggles alone, don’t want to burden others with their problems, or that they have to put the needs of others before their own to ensure people stick around in their life. All of this leads to more loneliness and higher levels of anxiety and/or depression because as humans we are meant to connect.

Some adults of emotionally immature parents can feel dismissed in counseling because they can be living relatively healthy lifestyles. Counselors who are not insight-orientated don’t see a ‘problem to fix’. Not here. In my counseling space it is possible to heal from the past and build closer connections in the present. We can reduce the level of anxiety, depression, and guilt that you may feel. We can process where past experiences still hold power over you today and work to gain power back. We can also determine healthy boundaries within your relationships today, especially if the caregiver is still in your life.

I also greatly enjoy providing therapy to couples. Many couples that I see have grown up in households with emotionally immature parents. They were not modeled how to have a healthy relationship built on foundations of mutual respect, trust, friendship, and intimacy. I have helped couples who are looking for preventative support as they realize that there are areas in the relationship that could be better. I have also successfully supported couples as they navigate their relationship through a challenge or crisis, such as an affair. I truly believe that as long as both partners can engage in healthy behaviors the relationship can be stronger than ever imagined. I also offer workshops focused on providing preventative education for couples who do not feel like they need counseling, but want a closer relationship.

My office is an unconditional and safe space to talk. So, whether you’ve told your story before, or this is the first time, I am so excited to start this journey with you!

Sara's Education

My diverse experiences allow me to provide specialized care to help heal wounds that cannot be seen.
Minnesota Air National Guard
Teacher- ECASD
Deployed Oversees
M.S. Mental Health Counseling
Opened Uplift Counseling Center
I joined the Minnesota Air National Guard out of St. Paul midway through college. After completing training for Emergency Management (CBRN) at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, I returned back to Wisconsin to complete my undergraduate degree.
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a degree in education. My training experience was in first and seventh grade, and I was fortune to get a teaching job at Manz Elementary School. I taught third and fourth grade at Manz. This position showed me the need for more mental health support in our community.
In 2017 I was deployed overseas for six months. At this time I was married to my wonderful husband, Ryan. It was a long six months being away from loved ones. We were able to gain perspective into adaptions and adjustments families have to make during these times. We have a child and two dogs that keep us very busy.
Upon returning home I started school for my master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I integrated my passion for mental health and working in the schools by creating a school based mental health program in local school districts. I now also work for CESA 10 as a Mental Health Consultant to continue to support school districts create stronger mental health frameworks.
I opened Uplift Counseling Center. We are excited to foster a relationship with everyone who walks in our door. All are welcome!


I opened Uplift Counseling Center in January 2020. I grew up in the Chippewa Valley, so having the opportunity to support our community through clinical counseling and psychoeducation services is an absolute privilege.

My professional experiences allow me to provide treatment to a variety of people experiencing a variety of problems. No story should need to be carried alone, and it would be an honor to support you through healing from yours. I specialize in treatment of trauma, couples therapy, and life transitions.

On a personal level, I am not a stranger to living with anxiety. Through my own journey toward living more grounded, setting more boundaries, and experiencing more joy, I have explored treatment through both medical and holistic methods. Everyone’s journey is different, but my experience allows me to support you in finding the best approach to fit your needs. I view counseling as a collaborative process with the goal of helping you walk out of treatment feeling uplifted!

Alex Anderson

Licensed Professional Counselor

Counseling Philosophy

It is no secret that we all go through things in life—these experiences shape us in ways that can be difficult to understand, and sometimes we are not even aware of the impact they have left on us or have ingrained within us. These experiences can leave us interpreting our beliefs about the world, ourselves, and others differently. Our past informs our present, and when that past catches up with us, it can leave us feeling a lot of emotions—emotions we are not used to and typically do not want to feel or deal with. Sometimes, we need help navigating through in order to determine the most beneficial way forward to make changes in our lives. Nobody knows your story or your experiences better than you—you are the expert on your own life. I am simply there to assist in guiding or facilitating your journey!

The stigma that surrounds mental health is powerful—it can make the idea of counseling seem as though there is something wrong with you, when in reality, there is such power in realizing you need help and reaching out for it. Sharing your story in a confidential space may seem daunting, but ultimately, the process can lead you to greater self-awareness, self-esteem, and most importantly, a more fulfilling life. I know opening up to someone new is hard but going through life without addressing your struggles is even harder. I invite you to begin to share your story with me. The more you talk about the issues that have ahold of you, the faster you can lessen the power they have over you. 

Alex's Education

I'm here to help navigate life & address the struggles of the past.
Accepted into Program
M.S. Mental Health Counseling
Joined Uplift Counseling Center
I graduated with a B.S. degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management with an Event Planning concentration from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I have always been a social person and love making connections! I thought a job as an event planner would be perfect for me, so I started my career in the hospitality industry.
Since I graduated, I struggled with feeling like something was missing in my life and the work I was doing left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. I started looking for a way to bring my passion and fire for mental health and people together. I had been reflecting on my own life and how mental health struggles had not only impacted me but had impacted my entire family as well. I wanted to find a way to attempt to make an impact in other people’s lives. It was then that I decided to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program and anxiously awaited to see if I got accepted.
I was thrilled when I was accepted into the program and I began my formal education in the UW-Stout Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program.
My second year of graduate school came with clinical experience in the Menomonie Middle & High School along with Bloomer Middle School. I was a school-based mental health counselor working with adolescents, where I was also in close communication with families, guardians, and school staff to help support the students in the best way possible. I also gained experience at the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic providing counseling services for adults in the Eau Claire area. I ended 2020 graduating with my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
I joined Sara as a co-owner at Uplift Counseling Center, where I am extremely excited and grateful to start my counseling journey!


I feel so lucky that I was able to join Sara at Uplift Counseling Center in 2021! Sara and I met in our master’s program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and when she shared her vision with me for Uplift Counseling Center, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I am a Minnesota native, (don’t worry, I’m a Packers fan!), but have lived in Eau Claire for four years and absolutely love this area and the people that make up this community.

During my education, I pursued the following concentrations: Children & Adolescents, Eating Disorders, and AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Programs). Working with children and adolescents is particularly special to me because I went through hardships in my own life growing up and would have highly benefited from a mental health counselor or someone to help me understand what was going on in my life at the time. I strive to be a figure for children and adolescents now that I needed back when I was younger. AODA also hits close to home for me because I have personal experience with how seriously addiction can impact a family—not only the person struggling, but everyone surrounding them as well. After beginning my work at Uplift Counseling Center, I have developed a deep passion for working with individuals who have endured trauma and helping them navigate how those experiences changed or shaped their views on the world, themselves, and others. 

I also work as a mentor at the Trinity Equestrian Center, a center that provides children and young adults support from a friendly and professional Mentor.  Trinity Mentors help individuals to thrive and be successful through building a long term, one-on-one relationship. It is incredibly fulfilling to see the impact that this program can have on youth. 

I believe that everyone is yearning to be accepted, loved, and to feel valued in their everyday lives. I also know that based on everyone’s varied experiences, these desires are not always met, and life has made them question what value they do hold. I welcome you to start your journey towards healing, acceptance, or working through whatever stands in your way at Uplift Counseling Center!

Phone: 715-559-9428
4330 Golf Terrace, Suite 202
Eau Claire, WI 54701
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